About MML Interiors

Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Development

MML understands that all building activity will have a marked impact on the environment whether through carbon emissions or consumption of resources. It is possible to minimize environmental impact by reducing the water and energy consumption of the completed building and avoiding unnecessary use of nonrenewable materials. MML is developing the first LEED certified commercial buildings in East Africa and is proud support the establishment of the Kenyan Green Building Committee in developing its first certified project.

Turning Vision To Reality

MML has been operating from its headquarters in Nairobi for over 30years, building up a reputation as the largest and most respected Project & Construction Management business in East Africa. MML has not stood still during this time, it continues to innovate, drive value and maximize returns for its clients, helping them turn vision into reality.

What Drives Us

MML will be the first choice provider of end-to-end Project & Construction Management services in East Africa for both international institutions and private investors because, with over 30 years proven track record in the region, MML can be relied upon to turn vision into reality.

Building on its reputation as an experienced and Professional Project Managers, MML has expanded & continues to provide a full range of Project Management services for both local & international investors and occupiers.

MML will remain the most respected Project & Construction Management partner in East Africa, creating innovative and profitable assets which will enhance the social and economic growth of the region.

The company will grow its reputation as a trusted point of contact for investors, multinationals and institutions seeking to enter the East African real estate sector with a reputation for integrity, clarity of advice and a deep rooted understanding of market dynamics.

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  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Delivery
  • Professionalism